— April 26, 2016 —

Salmon farmers welcome Nova Scotia Aquaculture Strategy

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
Letang, N.B. – Nova Scotia’s Aquaculture Strategy is an important step in the development of the province’s sustainable salmon farming sector, says the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association.

“Nova Scotia has an unprecedented opportunity to create jobs and economic growth in its coastal communities by capitalizing on aquaculture’s potential,” says Pamela Parker, Executive Director of the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA). “The strategy released today will help guide the growth of our sector, and we’re really happy to see the Nova Scotia government has a focused plan to do that.”
Parker says Atlantic salmon farmers look forward to working collaboratively with the Nova Scotia government and other stakeholders as the strategy is implemented over the next three years.

“We just have to look to New Brunswick and Newfoundland to see the kind of results that strategic planning can bring. Salmon farming has created 1,870 jobs in Charlotte County, NB alone. An area once considered one of the poorest areas of the province is now one of the most dynamic,” says Parker.  “Newfoundland has seen the value of its industry rise by 50 per cent in one year from $60 million in 2009 to $90 million in 2010.”
Parker says coastal communities benefit from a diversified economic base that includes aquaculture, traditional fisheries, the recreational fishery and tourism.

“We are committed to a future where our three sectors remain healthy partners in the region’s working waterfront,” says Parker.
The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA) is an industry-funded association working on behalf of the salmon farming industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ACFFA represents salmon producers in addition to a wide range of supporting companies and organizations. Salmon farming employs over 3000 people in our region and generates over $330 million to our provincial economies.

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