— March 11, 2009 —

Monitoring, Surveillance & Research in Support of Emergency Registration of AlphaMax and Salmosan Sea Lice Treatments

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
The final report of the monitoring, surveillance and research of AlphaMax in 2009 in New Brunswick has been completed.

The research was designed to fill key information gaps required for the application for full registration of AlphaMax and the re-registration of Salmosan, which are both sea lice bath treatments used for many years in Norway, the UK and Chile.

Access to these treatments in Canada will support the implementation of an Integrated Pest Management Program for the Canadian salmon farming industry.

The research was being done in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies, federal and provincial researchers and by provincial aquaculture associations as well as the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance. The work examined fate-related and effects-related issues involved in sea cage and well boat bath treatments with emphasis on determining treatment impacts on non-target planktonic and benthic species in the vicinity of the farms, as well as on the fate of the product in sea water.

The final report of the monitoring, surveillance and research of AlphaMax in 2009 can be found here. Monitoring, surveillance and research on AlphaMax and Salmosan is continuing through 2010 and 2011.

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