— May 4, 2011 —

ACFFA Joins International Colleagues at Online Hub

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
Letang, N.B. - A new website launched today will bring together salmon farmers from around the world while educating the public about the benefits of this important industry.

The International Salmon Farmers Association (ISFA) unveiled its new website, www.salmonfarming.org, today in a co-operative launch by its members around the world. Representatives from countries such as Norway, Scotland, Chile, United States and Canada have all contributed to this project.
 “We’re always looking for ways to share accurate information about this increasingly important food sector and this new website will help educate people about salmon farming across the globe,” said Nell Halse, president of the International Salmon Farmers Association (ISFA) and chair of the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA).
Salmon farming is a vibrant and growing industry in Atlantic Canada, and our region is playing an increasingly significant role on the international level, says Halse, who has served three terms as ISFA president.
The website includes information about ISFA, its members and their information sites, development of the industry and the life cycle of farmed salmon.  It also includes the shared vision of these international salmon farming colleagues and a photo gallery of operations around the world.
“As the world’s population grows and the need for sustainable protein increases, we know the global context of salmon aquaculture will be very important to understand,” said Pamela Parker, Executive Director of the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association. “This website is an example of how the international salmon farming community is working together.”
The International Salmon Farmers Association represents 11 associations from around the world committed to responsible farming, based on innovation and research, and environmental and social sustainability.
Farmed salmon is New Brunswick’s single biggest agriculture-based export. Nova Scotia enjoys a rich and abundant coastline and salmon farming is poised to take its place as a leading industry in the province’s south shore, especially in communities such as Shelburne and Digby.   Maritime Canada produces just over 30 per cent of Canada’s total farmed salmon. Our industry generates over $300 million in revenue, which in turn triggers economic activity valued at over half a billion dollars  across Canada.
The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association is an industry-funded association that works on behalf of the salmon farming industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ACFFA represents 95 per cent of salmon farming production in the Maritime region in addition to a wide range of supporting companies and organizations.

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