— October 27, 2016 —

New Global Report Highlights the Role of Land Based Farming Systems for Atlantic Salmon

October 27, 2016 – The global salmon farming industry continues to lead the way in the use of land based farming systems, says a new report.

 The International Salmon Farmers’ Association (ISFA) released a report today – The Evolution of Land Based Atlantic Salmon Farms – that highlights the history and the current state of land based farms for Atlantic salmon.

“Salmon farmers are experts in land based freshwater farming systems and have been successfully using these systems for smolt production and a variety of broodstock programs for almost half a century. They fully understand the value and limitations of this technology,” says Trond Davidsen, President of the International Salmon Farmers Association. “This report serves as an excellent resource in the ongoing discussion about the future of land based farms for Atlantic salmon.”

The report reviews available studies and information on land based Atlantic salmon farms from around the world, the current state of knowledge and technology as well as the challenges that have to be overcome as these systems continue to evolve.

“For us, the conversation is about growing healthy, nutritious seafood in an efficient and sustainable manner,” says Mr. Davidsen. “By using both marine and freshwater resources in the most efficient way, the global salmon farming industry represents one of the best ways to feed the world’s growing population with a minimal environmental footprint.”

A 2012 ISFA report showed that the global salmon farming industry produces 14.8 billion meals every year and creates 121,000 jobs in coastal communities around the world.

 Copies of the report are available at www.salmonfarming.org.

For more information, please contact:

Trond Davidsen

President, International Salmon Farmers’ Association

Tel: +47 90180702

Email: trond.davidsen@fhl.no

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