— November 23, 2015 —

ACFFA Position: Genetically Modified Salmon

Salmon grown in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia originate from Saint John River wild salmon. However, through careful selective breeding programs like the Atlantic Salmon Broodstock Development Program, the offspring from this superior stock were supplied to our salmon farming industry allowing us to produce the highest quality salmon in the most economical and environmentally sound manner possible.

On the issue of genetically modified salmon, ACFFA would like to confirm:
1. Our region’s salmon farming industry does not support the commercial production of transgenic fish for human consumption.
2. Our region’s salmon farming industry is not researching or growing transgenic fish.
3. Canada and our region’s current fish breeding practices enable the production of quality products that are in high demand from both domestic and international markets.
Our position is consistent with that of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Association and the International Salmon Farmer’s Association and will not change until the transgenic fish has been declared safe by all relevant regulatory bodies AND until the market demands it.

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