— April 25, 2016 —

Letter to the Editor – Salmon Wars

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
Re: “Salmon Wars heads to the Big Apple” (Nov. 7). It’s unfortunate some organizations and individuals opposed to salmon farming perpetuate myths and misinformation about Atlantic Canada’s salmon farming

Fact: Farmed Atlantic salmon do not contain dyes. Carotenoids (a natural ingredient found in carrots and egg yolks) are added to the diet of salmon to provide them with vitamin A, which gives them their pink colour.
Fact: Less than three per cent of the feed given to farmed salmon contains an antibiotic. Medication use is far lower on a salmon farm than in any other agricultural animal-producing industry. Regulated testing ensures salmon are free from any medication when harvested.

Fact: There are no sea lice treatments on Nova Scotia salmon farms. If bath treatments occur in other jurisdictions, they are topical with no residue.

Fact: Wild salmon populations fluctuate whether they are near a farm or not. International studies show that wild Atlantic salmon are impacted by a variety of issues, such as climate change, ocean mortality, acid rain, habitat loss, hydro dams, predators and over-fishing.

Fact: Our farmers follow strict regulations regarding waste management. Regular government-audited sediment testing of the ocean floor is conducted to ensure farms meet high environmental standards.

We welcome public scrutiny about our industry, but let’s base that discussion on facts, not false claims. To do otherwise is a disservice to consumers who rely on factual information to make healthy food choices.

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