— April 25, 2016 —

Letter to the Editor – Shelburne Coast Guard

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
To the Editor:

I am writing to clear up misinformation that was contained in a letter written by Karen Crocker, Gloria Gilbert, Sindy Horncastle and Marilyn Moore in the December 6th edition of the Coast Guard.

In 2010, one of our member companies, Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd, along with other salmon farmers in New Brunswick, were authorized to use up to 1000 grams of Salmosan per treatment to treat their salmon for sea lice. The exact amount of approved medicine used depends upon the method of treatment.

New Brunswick salmon farmers made the decision to use well boats – the method where the least amount of product is used. So instead of using 1000 grams of Salmosan in a tarp treatments, farmers used 10 times less – only 100 grams – in well-boats.

Our farmers were fined for using 100 gram packages, instead of 90 grams of product, which was authorized for use in a well boat, because the vendor sold the product in 100 gram packages only. Regulations prevent farmers from repackaging amounts themselves.  This must be done in a controlled lab. It was our salmon farmers who alerted regulators to this problem, and the packaging issue has now been resolved.

The well-boat treatments (like tarp treatments) were significantly below any level that would have any negative impact to fish quality, fish health, to the marine environment, and to lobsters.

Our farmers are good neighbours and care about the marine environment in which they live and work. That’s why they invest in ‘green’ technology like well-boats in the first place. It is important that your readers understand all the facts so that they can make an informed decision on this issue.

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