— April 26, 2016 —

Atlantic salmon farmers take part in national research forum

Pamela Parker
Executive Director
Letang, N.B. – Atlantic Canadian salmon farmers will participate in Canada’s most comprehensive aquaculture science and technology conference this week.

Representatives from the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA) and its member companies will attend Aquaculture Canada 2012 in Charlottetown, PEI from May 27-30. Sponsored by the Aquaculture Association of Canada and entitled “New Frontiers: Bridging Technology and Economic Growth,” this conference will bring together industry experts, researchers, producers, veterinarians, students and regulators from across Canada to learn about the latest research and innovation involving Canada’s $2.1 billion aquaculture industry. 

“Atlantic Canadian salmon farmers are huge believers in the importance of new technology and innovation in building our sector. That’s how we have become leaders in this global industry,” says Pamela Parker, Executive Director of the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association. “Our farmers have a long history of working proactively on cutting-edge research and development projects with top scientists, universities and the private sector.”

ACFFA organizes an annual research workshop each fall that highlights the research being conducted in Atlantic Canada, says Parker. Some of this work will be featured in Charlottetown. Our member companies are collaborating on a variety of projects including exploring non-chemical sea lice treatment options like cleaner fish and sea lice traps; pioneering iCage™ technology that reduces the amount of antifoulant used on farms; commercializing Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA); and participating in a variety of initiatives aimed at restoring the diminishing wild salmon populations in this region’s rivers, says Parker.

“Our mission is to promote, support, and encourage educational, scientific, and technological development and advancement of aquaculture in Canada,” says Gail Ryan Executive Director of the Aquaculture Association of Canada. “Our industry members – in both the finfish and shellfish sectors – are keen supporters of our goals and are always working hard to advance and grow this important sector.”

Aquaculture Canada 2012 will include sessions on integrated pest management, fish health, sustainability, advances in fish nutrition, emerging tools in environmental monitoring and coastal and marine spatial planning.

“We’re always looking for ways to grow and improve our industry, and we’re looking forward to hearing from some of Canada’s top aquaculture professionals,” says Parker.

The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA) is an industry-funded association working on behalf of the salmon farming industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ACFFA represents salmon producers in addition to a wide range of supporting companies and organizations. Salmon farming employs over 3000 people in our region and generates over $330 million to our provincial economies.

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