By almost all measures, farmed Atlantic salmon is the most sustainable large-scale animal protein on the planet. When compared to chicken, pork and beef production, farmed salmon consume the least amount of feed, use the least amount of fresh water, and have the lowest carbon footprint. Through modern farming methods and new cutting-edge technologies, Atlantic salmon farmers have an important role to play in addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Food Security.

At a time when the world urgently needs climate-friendly, sustainable solutions to food production, farmed Atlantic salmon shines as one of the most energy efficient farmed animals that is produced with a minimal environmental footprint.

Salmon farming helps meet the growing seafood demand both around the world and here in Atlantic Canada where the COVID pandemic showed us more than ever the need to produce healthy food close to home. Atlantic salmon farmers continually work to unlock the potential of the ocean to produce more food for a growing world population in a way that respects our planet.
It takes 1.1 kg of feed to produce
1 kg of farmed salmon
Compared to chicken at 2kg of
feed to produce 1kg.
And beef at 10kg of feed
to produce 1kg.
In 2023, seven of the top ten publicly traded animal protein companies rated for sustainable production by the independent Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, including the top spot, are held by salmon farming companies.
Farming the ocean is identified as one of five priorities to address climate change

(United Nations 2019)
Farming for
the future
As the world’s oceans are fished to their limits, any increase in world fish consumption will come from farms.

(Earth Policy Institute)
Carbon Reduction
The largest potential (carbon reduction) gains for food production lie in the sustainable expansion of marine aquaculture.

The High-Level Panel for a Sustainable
Oceans Economy (2019)
Lowest Footprint
The Atlantic salmon marine farming industry has the lowest carbon footprint of any animal protein production.

(Fundy Engineering Ltd ,2022)
We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters.
Jacques Cousteau

Oceanographer, filmmaker, author
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